The future of nutrition is personalised

The future of nutrition is personalised

The war on obesity and its associated health risks is now being fought with tailor-made nutrition concepts. The Innovation Summit Personalised Nutrition NEWTRITION X. brings together experts from science and food industry who all believe that Personalised Nutrition is the future.

We know that diet has a direct impact on our health. And on the whole, we all think we have a pretty good idea of the foods that are good for us – and those we should avoid. Yet obesity and diet-related diseases are still on the rise.

Why is that? Could it be that general dietary guidelines are not as effective as we’ve been led to believe? Quite possibly, because according to the latest findings in nutritional medicine, the key question should be: “Which diet is best for me as an individual?” Current studies say that every human being metabolises food differently, depending on genetic disposition and/or their microbiome. The future of nutrition must therefore be personalised, but it needs cross-sector expertise.

With the first edition of NEWTRITION X. 2018, the industry network foodRegio e.V. set the cornerstone for interdisciplinary networking to discuss the concept. This year – on 6 October at Anuga in Cologne – thought leaders will meet again to inform decision-makers from the entire food supply chain, representatives of suppliers and manufacturers, from both product development and retail, about the opportunities and challenges of Personalised Nutrition.


  • Michael Gusko, chairman of the foodRegio Focus Group on Personalised Nutrition and managing director of GoodMills Innovation:
    • “The ecosystem of Personalised Nutrition”
  • Prof. Dr. med. Christian Sina, director of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine, University of Lübeck, and co-founder of Perfood:
    • “Personalised Nutrition status quo”
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, Canada Research chair in Nutrigenomics, University of Toronto, and president and chief science officer, Nutrigenomix: “Nutrigenomics:
    • Do our genes determine what we should eat?”
  • Dr. André Boorsma, senior researcher Life Sciences, TNO:
    • “What changes does Big Data bring for the food industry?”
  • Roland Napierala, business development, Miele, & Michael Haase, CEO and founder, Plant Jammer:
    • “Making Personalised Nutrition a daily habit”
  • Ignace de Nollin, managing director, SmartWithFood:
    • “What impact does Personalised Nutritionhave on the retail trade?”
  • Nick Holzherr, CEO, Whisk at Samsung NEXT:
    • “Internet of Food: Opportunities through the linking of data”
  • Dominik Burziwoda, managing director and founder, Perfood/Million Friends:
    • “Personalised Nutrition in practice – Improved customer loyalty”
  • Dr. Simone K. Frey, managing director and founder, Nutrition-Hub:
    • “Personalised Nutrition for all – Requirements for companies & start-ups”
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