Mira Rajput’s pregnancy skin care tips will help you maintain your glow

mira rajput, pregnancy skin care

Mira Rajput shared skin care tips for pregnant women. (Source: mira.kapoor/Instagram)

Mira Rajput has revealed the secret to her glowing skin during both her pregnancies.

Mother to Misha and Zain, Mira conducted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on social media, where she was asked about the beauty products to avoid during pregnancy. “I don’t use many beauty products as I have always believed less is more, and taking care of oneself from within shows on one’s skin,” the mother revealed.

Married to actor Shahid Kapoor, Mira had openly talked about her pregnancy in the past as well. “When you have a baby, suddenly and almost immediately, your entire focus shifts to the new life you have brought into this world. [Your baby] is entirely dependent on you and you alone. So you forget to take care of yourself because you’re so busy taking care of the little one, and that begins to show,” she had said in an interview.

Talking about how she took care of her skin during pregnancy, Mira was quoted as saying, “When I had Misha, I noticed my skin was drying up very quickly because I was probably not moisturising enough. Eventually, it bounced back to normal as younger skin repairs itself quickly. But as you get older, it’s easier to get lost in your lifestyle or with your kids and not pay attention to your skin or health.”

As for the secret to her glowing skin, Mira had revealed she would apply raw milk on her face every second day. Raw milk removes dead skin cells and restores glow on the skin.

Mira also swears by multani mitti. “It’s the hero of my beauty cabinet as I mix it with different ingredients like papaya, milk and dried oranges to improve radiance,” she had said. One can also apply olive oil or coconut oil to keep you skin hydrated and smooth during pregnancy.

Skin problems are common during pregnancy, including hyperpigmentation, acne and stretch marks. But these can be managed if you follow the right skincare routine and eat the right foods, including high quality protein, vegetables, healthy fats and other high-nutrient foods.