Multitasking vitamin wonder

Just as dry leaves fall off the trees in winter and grow back in the spring, our skin flakes off at a faster rate and cells renew to form a new layer. Thus to rescue the skin from the changing weather conditions, Vitamin E is an ideal solution that acts not just as a hydrant but also as antioxidant.

Found abundantly in nuts, seeds, avocado, vegetable oils and wheat germ and touted by experts, Vitamin E is a wonder element that encourages the skin to absorb moisture. Products that combine Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are considered to be magic potions for the skin, since they replenish depleted moisture level, keep moisture locked in as well as  maintain the skin’s protective barrier.
It’s no secret that our skin needs daily maintenance to retain its health, strength and smoothness. Here is how one can introduce Vitamin E in the day-to-day skin care regimen.

❖ A typical day should begin with preparing the skin by exfoliating the dead and flaky skin from the face. One may choose from a variety of face cleansers in skin-friendly formats such as cream cleansers or a gentle facial wash. To give cleansing the final touch, a hydrating Vitamin E toner that removes excess traces of cleanser,
dirt and make-up without over-drying the skin must be used. Dab the toner with an organic cotton pad.

❖ Before stepping out into the pollution and harsh UV (ultra violent) rays, use a Vitamin E-rich daytime moisturiser and hyaluronic acid with a  balanced mix of SPF and UV Index. This will ensure the skin is guarded from the aggressive sun’s rays which not only cause premature ageing but also damage the skin.

❖ Eight hours of beauty sleep has always been the key ingredient for a healthy skin, since night time is when external aggressors are minimised and the body’s self-repair mechanism becomes the fastest. Using this to advantage, wrap the face with a night mask rich in Vitamin E sourced from wheat germ oil and moisture power house hyaluronic acid.  The face will look hydrated and feel soft in the morning.

❖ Additionally, always keep a pack of Vitamin E face cleaning wipes handy that can help hydrate the skin. Using Vitamin E eye cubes in the under-eye region provides a refreshing feeling around the area and keeps tired looking eyes at bay. Lip balms that have Vitamin E are known to renew dead skin and keep chapped lips at bay during winter.
The author is head of training, The Body Shop