These Are the Must-Try Products From Amazon’s Under-$40 Skincare Line

These Are the Must-Try Products From Amazon’s Under-$40 Skincare Line

Amazon has expanded its beauty and skincare offerings in a major way over the past few years, adding to their growing luxury beauty category in addition to the endless selection of hard-to-find international brands, including K-beauty products. Now, the e-tailer is continuing to their quest to challenge the luxury beauty world with the recent launch of Belei, Amazon’s very own line of 12 skincare products. “Belei” a combination of “beauty” and “believe,” includes a range anti-aging serums, retinol-based moisturizers, corrective acne and dark spot treatments, and micellar cleansing cloths — all reasonably priced under $40.

And, despite Amazon’s fast-paced approach to e-commerce, it’s clear that the collection has been designed with both a commitment to sustainability and ethical formulation practices. All of the products are cruelty-free and the packaging is made from recycled resin and 100% recyclable carton containers. Aside from thoughtful design and formulation considerations, all of the products are also free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and fragrance, making them suitable for most skin types, without compromising the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

In Amazon’s official press release, Head of Beauty for Private Brands Kara Trousdale said of Belei, “We took a simple, no-nonsense approach when creating Belei, developing products with ingredients that are both proven to deliver results and also offer customers great value for the quality.” The collection also provides different products to address common skincare concerns, including fine lines, dark spots, acne, and dehydration, allowing users to shop by skin concern or solution if they’re not sure what product is best for them. Despite from the simple approach, the products each contain some innovative —even buzzy—actives including squalane, plankton, and niacinamide.

There’s even a couple of potential dupe-worthy items, including a Ferulic Acid + Vitamin C serum, which we suspect just may be a solid alternative to the pricey Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Serum. And, while it may not be the most important thing on the planet, it’s worth noting how luxe and user-friendly the packaging is. The Refining Retinol Moisturizer is designed with an innovative airless jar with center dispenser to avoid tampering with the effectiveness of shelf-life-sensitive retinol and allowing for a mess-free application.


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Blemish Control Spot Treatment

This target spot treatment contains 5.5% benzoyl peroxide to get rid of pesky pimple quickly without having to dry out your entire face with an all-over treatment. This works best when you apply it on the onset of a pimple, meaning when you feel it starting to crop up before it shows its face.

Buy: Belei Spot Treatment $22.00

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Dark Spot Solution Serum

This potent serum contains a blend of cutting-edge ingredients including niacinamide, the lesser known alternative to brightness-boosting Vitamin C garnering a lot of attention for its benefits as of late. It also contains plankton, which has been shown to be effective in helping to fade dark spots from sun damage or acne scars. It’s lightweight enough to be applied to the whole face, or you can use it to spot treat problem areas.

Buy: Belei Dark Spot Solution $22.00

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Triple Peptide Eye Cream

Peptides are another skincare active touted for their elasticity-boosting superpowers. Many anti-aging treatments, including retinoids, acids, and even Vitamin C can be too harsh to use on the delicate undereye area. Peptides however, are a great alternative because they’re linked to helping promote firmness without irritation. This eye cream is also amazing for using during the day under makeup because it absorbs quickly and dries down to soft-matte finish without repelling moisture.

Buy: Belei Triple Peptide Eye Cream $22.00

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Ferulic Acid + Vitamin C and E Serum

Could it be dupe for the iconic Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Serum? According to some reviews, it’s pretty similar. One customer wrote in her review that after trying out this $40 serum, she plans to return her pricier Vitamin C products. Another glowing review gushed, “I am SO impressed! My previous serum was over $100 and did not work as well as this.” And, unlike other antioxidant serums, this formula absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue or peel up under makeup.

Buy: Belei Ferulic Acid Serum $40.00

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Retinol Refining Moisturizer

This Vitamin-A infused moisturizer harnesses the anti-aging, tone-correct benefits of retinoids, but thanks to the cream base and suspended release delivery system, reduces the risk of over-drying and irritation. It also contains plumping hyaluronic acid and squalane to help the skin retain moisture. If you’re looking for an effective retinoid that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, this is a great option to start out with.